もみ路~Momiji~トップ写真Hello everyone,
Thank you for your visiting to the Momiji foot reflexology website.

Momiji is the only certified RWO-SHR reflexology salon in New Zealand. RWO-SHR health institute international is a foot reflexology organization established in 1982 in Taiwan. One Catholic father from Switzerland had a articular rheumatism. He did foot reflexology by himself according to the book which brought from Switzerland and he overcame the illness at last. It’s the start of this health method. It has spread to 53 countries now and is considered one of the three biggest reflexology institute in the world. And also, it is recommended from World Health Organization (WHO) .

We have lots of reflex zone in our body under the ECIWO theory, like as foot, hand, eye, ear etc. RWO-SHR reflexology is using foot reflex zones to keep our health.

What happens on you body when stimulate a foot reflex zone?

-happens the reflex to the internal organ which is relating to its reflex zone. So then, its internal organ starts to move well. You might feel the good result soon after the treatment. This reflexology is immediately potent.

-Foot is the most far place from the heart. When massage your foot, your blood circulation is getting well from bottom to top, it means your blood translates good oxygen and nutrition to each cells and they activate your body.

-takes a balance of whole body, each internal organ and hormone. So it can expect a good result for mental illness.

Everyone can feel effect of this easily without side effect!! If you have any problem with your physical or mental health, or would like to improve your health , please try this reflexology !

Momiji’s practitioner ( Currently only Japanese) is really appreciate to have a consultation with you. We always welcome telling you how to do self reflexology. The most important thing is continuing the reflexology and believing the recovery. This will bring you a big and good result. So please keep the foot reflexology everyday.

Who can do this reflexology?

Momiji recommends this method for all of you but especially good for below symptoms or illnesses.

  • Headache, Dizziness, Stiff shoulder, Constipation, Sensitivity to cold
  • Swelling,Insomnia, dysautonomia
  • High or Low blood pressure, Arteriosclerosis, Cancer, Infertility
  • Menstrual pain or irregularity, PMS, Rheumatism
  • Lumbago, Knee pain, Buzzing in ears, Eyestrain
  • Allergy, Asthma,Depression, Mania, Dementia etc,
  • *Please ask to your home doctor before the treatment if you have heart disease, hemorrhagic disease or you are pregnancy or after the abdominal operation.
    *The results will vary depending on individual state.
    *This is NOT the medical treatment by a doctor. We don’t insure the recovery.
    *Basically, Momiji provides treatment only for woman. However, you can receive the treatment with an introduction from someone else or with your family.
    *Child can also have this treatment with over one adult or 2 children. Foot reflexology is really good for child.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. →CONTACT US